Advanced - Set-Up SeNukeX Toolbox Project To Trigger Proxylist Update

John Ashwin Christos
posted this on June 28, 2011 17:54

Sometimes when Senuke is in the middle of a campaign, the plugin might not work as the "Options Menu" might be blocked/locked.
But there is an easy workaround to force SeNuke to reload the proxies. :) 
You see, ProxyGoblin's SeNuke plugin supports commandline arguments. So you can manually trigger it.
For e.g:
SenukeBot-A.exe  %Path to SeNukeX% %path to proxylist%

Step #1:

Create a ToolBox project in senukex with these settings:

  • Filename => Path to the SeNukeX plugin.
    For E.g "C:\Program Files\Molura\Proxy Goblin\plugins\SenukeBot-A.exe"

  • Arguments => The plugin needs 2 arguments. Path to SeNukex and the path to the proxylist
    For E.g "C:\Users\Ash\AppData\Local\SENukeX\Senuke.exe" "C:\Users\Ash\Desktop\Proxies\for_yellabot.txt"

Step #2

Create a 2nd ToolBox project in senukex to change proxy below the previous toolbox project.




And you're done. :)

So now in addition to changing SeNuke's proxies via the Automation Tasks in PG, you can also trigger a proxylist change from within SeNukeX. This will allow you greater control on the timing of the proxy lists changes. The only drawback, is you can't use wildcards in the filename. But I think that's a small price for this huge benefit.

Do also help us out by requesting on the SeNukeX forum for a feature upgrade; Add another option to the ToolBox Projects - "Load New Proxies From File" or "Sync Proxies To File". This feature is long overdue in my opinion.

All the best!



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Brad Tomkins

Is this a good idea if your are "chaining" over a period of days?

October 04, 2012 23:45
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Sourabh Gupta
January 01, 2014 21:23